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About Our Authors

Philip Ball

Philip Ball is a UK-based science writer who has authored over two dozen books on a wide range of scientific and historical subjects. Recent books include How Life Works: A User’s Guide to the New Biology (2023) and The Book of Minds: How to Understand Ourselves and Other Beings, From Animals to AI to Aliens (2022).

Nate Barksdale

Nate Barksdale writes about the intersection of science, history, philosophy, faith and popular culture. He was editor of the magazine re:generation quarterly and is a frequent contributor to History.com.

Lorraine Boissoneault

Lorraine Boissoneault is a Chicago-based writer covering science and history. She is the author of the narrative nonfiction book The Last Voyageurs.

Luke Burgis

Luke Burgis is Professor of Business at The Catholic University of America in Washington, DC, and author of the book Wanting: The Power of Mimetic Desire in Everyday Life.

Melanie Challenger

Melanie Challenger studies the history of ideas about the living world. Her books include How to Be Animal: What it means to be human and Animal Dignity: Philosophical Reflections on Non-human Existence. She’s the current Deputy Co-Chair of the Nuffield Council on Bioethics and hosts the podcast The Psychosphere on intelligence and agency in nature.

Maggie Ciskanik

Maggie Ciskanik is a former neurological nurse and science educator. She is a regular contributor to the Magis Center for Faith and Reason, Purposeful Universe, and Aleteia.

Alene Dawson

Alene Dawson is a Southern California-based writer known for her intelligent and popular features, cover stories, interviews, and award-winning publications. She’s a regular contributor to the LA Times.

Annelise Jolley

Annelise Jolley is a journalist and essayist who writes about place, food, ecology, and faith for outlets such as National Geographic, The Atavist, The Rumpus, and The Millions. Find her at annelisejolley.com.

Adam Kirsch

Adam Kirsch is a poet, author, and literary critic whose essays have appeared in The New Yorker, The New Republic, The Atlantic, and others. Among his books and collections of poetry, he recently authored The Revolt Against Humanity: Imagining a World Without Us.

Stephen Law

Stephen Law is a philosopher and author based at the University of Oxford. He researches primarily in the fields of philosophy of religion, philosophy of mind, Ludwig Wittgenstein, and essentialism. He is author of numerous popular books, including The War for Children’s Minds.

Zeeya Merali

Zeeya Merali is a London-based science journalist and author of the popular physics book, A Big Bang in a Little Room.

Joshua Moritz

Dr. Joshua M. Moritz teaches astronomy, biology, and physics at the St. John Chrysostom Academy in Bethlehem, PA. He has authored numerous books and articles, including Science and Religion: Beyond Warfare and Toward Understanding and The Role of Theology in the History and Philosophy of Science.

Gabriel Popkin

Gabriel Popkin is an independent journalist covering science, the environment, culture and nature from Mount Rainier, Maryland. He has contributed to New York Times, Science, Washington Post, Quanta, Nature, Smithsonian, Scientific American, New Scientist, NPR, the Atlantic, and others. 

Rebecca Randall

Rebecca Randall is an independent writer and editor based in the Pacific Northwest. She writes on religion, psychology, the environment, and social issues. She is the former science editor for Christianity Today.

Gretchen Rubin

Gretchen Rubin the author of bestselling books such as Life in Five Senses, The Happiness Project, and Better Than Before. She is the host of the popular podcast, Happier with Gretchen Rubin, and founder of award-winning Happier app, which helps people track their happiness-boosting habits.

Manil Suri

Manil Suri is a distinguished mathematics professor at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County. His book, The Big Bang of Numbers: How to Build the Universe Using Only Math, was a finalist for the 2023 PEN/E.O. Wilson literary science writing award.

Nigel Warburton

Nigel Warburton is a writer, philosopher and podcaster. He is the interviewer for the popular Philosophy Bites podcast. His books include A Little History of Philosophy, The Art Question and Free Speech: A Very Short Introduction.

Margaret Wertheim

Margaret Wertheim is a science writer and author of books on the cultural history of physics, including The Pearly Gates of Cyberspace: A History of Space from Dante to the Internet.

Lawrence Weschler

Lawrence Weschler, director emeritus of the NY Institute for the Humanities at NYU, is the author of over twenty books, including And How Are You, Doctor Sacks? a biographical memoir of his thirty-five year friendship with the neurologist.  These days, he curates Wondercabinet, a Substack fortnightly of the Miscellaneous Diverse, which focuses in part on the overlaps between art and science.