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Grant Calendar

The Foundation invites you to submit your project idea through an Online Funding Inquiry (OFI). Although you can complete and submit an OFI at any point during the year, the Foundation reviews all funding requests (both stage 1 OFIs and stage 2 Full Proposals) according to specific dates and deadlines outlined in our grantmaking calendar below.

2024 Cycle Dates 2025 Cycle Dates
OFI Deadline August 16, 2024 August 15, 2025
OFI Decision By October 11, 2024 By October 10, 2025
FP Deadline January 17, 2025
(or earlier for select proposals)
January 16, 2026
(or earlier for select proposals)
FP Notice By July 11, 2025 By July 10, 2026

In addition, we periodically run separate Funding Competitions that may operate under their own calendar of deadlines. If there are any active funding competitions that operate under different grantmaking dates, they will be listed below.