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Grant Spotlights

Project Leader(s) Jay Garfield
| Grantee(s) Smith College

Why Buddhism Matters to Philosophy

A religion professor seeks to expose Western audiences to Buddhist teachings with the aim of fostering unity and cooperation. “Mindfulness” has become a pop-culture phenomenon in the West. Google, Target, General Mills, and other corporations have established programs supporting employee mindfulness practices. Celebrities including Hugh Jackman and Emma Watson have spoken publicly about their meditation routines. Headspace, a company that has developed a mindfulness meditation app, was valued at $250 million in early 2017. While mindfulness is a feature of Buddhist thought, most Westerners have adopted it without any awareness of its spiritual roots. Many practice mindfulness with the aim of fostering… More
Funding Area
Philosophy and Theology
Project Leader(s) David Levin, Dominic Randolph
| Grantee(s) The Character Lab

Bridging Research and Practice: Transforming 5-12 Education Though Evidence-Based Approaches…

Character Lab is developing effective character-building tools by uniting educators and researchers. Donald Kamentz Many parents and teachers wonder: Can schools help students develop a deeper sense of gratitude, generosity, or purpose? For the team at Character Lab, the more important question is how. While some doubt that virtue can be taught, recent research has shown that character strengths like gratitude, purpose, and self-control can be bolstered under the right conditions. But our understanding of how to cultivate these strengths in a classroom setting has been surprisingly limited. This is in part due to a troublesome chasm separating scholars and practitioners: Educators rarely… More
Funding Area
Character Virtue Development