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Recently Featured Grants

Project Leader(s): Cristian Tomasetti,
Grantee(s): Johns Hopkins University
Natural Sciences
Project Leader(s): Jacob Friis Sherson,
Grantee(s): Department of Physics and Astronomy, Aarhus University
Character Virtue Development
Project Leader(s): Richard Weissbourd,
Grantee(s): Harvard University
Character Virtue Development
Project Leader(s): Steven Sandage, Jesse Owen
Grantee(s): Trustees of Boston University
Human Sciences
Project Leader(s): Azim Shariff, Will Gervais
Grantee(s): University of British Columbia
Natural Sciences
Project Leader(s): Nicholas Huggett, Christian Wuthrich
Grantee(s): University of Illinois at Chicago
Public Engagement
Project Leader(s): Dacher Keltner, Jason Marsh
Grantee(s): Regents of the University of California at Berkeley
Character Virtue Development
Project Leader(s): Kenneth Ginsburg, Carol Ford
Grantee(s): The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
Character Virtue Development
Project Leader(s): Virginia Henry, Hamza Hanson
Grantee(s): Fons Vitae of Kentucky, Inc.

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