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Public Engagement funds a wide variety of grantees to create content, cultivate thought leadership, and develop campus programming. We seek to catalyze conversations that inspire awe and wonder because we want to enable people to live lives of meaning and purpose. 

The Public Engagement department supports content projects that include video, audio, public events, and print media. In addition, we seek proposals that support the next generation of thought leaders, generate durable courses and programming at leading universities, and highlight the role of virtues like intellectual humility, gratitude, curiosity, and love in solving society’s most pressing problems. 

We fund projects within the following six subcategories. Click on the links below to learn more about each funding priority.

  1. Documentary and Video

  2. Radio and Podcast

  3. Grants for Writers and Print Projects

  4. Events

  5. Thought Leadership

  6. Programming for College Students

In addition to proposals that focus on a particular area, we also welcome and encourage integrative, multi-platform proposals that consider how two or more of these engagement vehicles might work in concert. For example, a feature-length film project that will repurpose content for short-form or audio distribution; or a curriculum development project that will help faculty become thought leaders. 

When applying, please carefully consider the topical focus. For inspiration and guidance on the topical remit of Public Engagement funding, you may want to review the work of some of our grantees like Science and the Big Questions, Closer to Truth, Greater Good Science Center, World Science Festival Big Ideas series, and On Being. 

Featured Grants

Project Leader(s): Miroslav Volf, Matthew Croasmun
Grantee(s): Yale University
Project Leader(s): Rachael Strecher
Grantee(s): National Geographic Society
Project Leader(s): Suzie Lechtenburg
Grantee(s): New York Public Radio
Project Leader(s): David DeSteno, Lisa Barrett
Grantee(s): Northeastern University
Project Leader(s): Jason Marsh
Grantee(s): Regents of the University of California at Berkeley
Project Leader(s): Carrie Lozano
Grantee(s): Sundance Institute