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The John Templeton Foundation invests in radio and podcast grants to support programs related to our mission.

Our audio portfolio primarily supports podcast projects, but we will also consider radio-first proposals. We support interview shows like On Being, narrative shows like Radiolab, and topically focused shows like How God Works. We are looking for three types of applicants. Established shows that garner over 50,000 downloads per episode can request podcast grants to produce mission-aligned episodes or mini-series. Shows with smaller audiences can request support for episodes or mini-series and should especially consider how support from JTF can catalyze growth. On rare occasions, we also support new shows, especially if they can draw from an already existing audience (e.g., a successful YouTube channel or newsletter). 

Featured Grants

Project Leader(s): Suzie Lechtenburg
Grantee(s): New York Public Radio
Project Leader(s): David DeSteno
Grantee(s): Northeastern University