Sir John Templeton believed that families would flourish when parents were empowered to choose their ideal family size.

The Voluntary Family Planning funding area supports research, programs, and policy development efforts around the world that seek to better understand factors that influence family planning decisions, provide information on and access to family planning methods, and strengthen policy related to effective family planning. We are particularly interested in partnering with faith-based organizations to support this work in their local communities. The Foundation only funds research and programs that affirm the value of human life from conception until natural death.

Voluntary Family Planning
Project Leader: Victoria Jennings, Lauren Van Enk
Grantee: Georgetown University’s Institute for Reproductive Health
Voluntary Family Planning
Project Leader: Sono Aibe, Lou Compernolle
Grantee: Pathfinder International
Voluntary Family Planning
Project Leader: Stephen Omunyidde, Adrienne Allison
Grantee: World Vision, Inc.