The citizen science game Quantum Moves, created by the support of the Templeton Foundation project: Citizen Science in the quantum world, gamifies optimization problems in quantum optimal control. The games on our (S@H) platform have so far been played by more than 200.000 players, and perhaps surprisingly a significant percentage of them were able to perform better than state-of-the-art optimization algorithms. Players exhibit a remarkable ability to identify tiny parts in the solution space with high density of good solutions. This quantum intuition, is the merging of everyday classical experiences with sloshing liquids and the learned dynamics of the sometimes strangely behaving quantum waves presented in the games. The possibility to dynamically observe the formation of this quantum intuition has generated enormous interest from the cognitive and social science fields as they constitute ideal test beds for the study of the generic human ability to quickly adapt and solve challenges in complex environments within which we have no prior experience.
Building on the foundation laid out in the previous grant this proposal aims to
Objective 1: fully realize and exploit the transformative potential of S@H by developing a large portfolio of high profile, complex natural science research challenges as well as novel research tools allowing both amateur and expert researchers intuitive and playful interaction with advanced computational algorithms.
Objective 2: establish a comprehensive and coordinated interdisciplinary effort leading to new insights in human problem solving and potentially in the long run, to advances in domain general artificial intelligence algorithms.
Objective 3: develop an extensive understanding of the citizen scientists and the impact of their work as well as develop a comprehensive set of learning trajectories aimed at teaching students and laymen alike to think like scientists.