We will establish a center at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia with the mission to empower parents and healthcare professionals (HCPs) to guide youth towards fine character, wise decisions, healthy behaviors, and good citizenship. It will reinforce the importance of raising young people amidst hopeful, positive messages that highlight their potential contributions. Web-based resources and social media strategies will prepare parents to apply the research-driven principles found in the character strengths, positive youth development, and effective parenting literatures. We will fill the critical gap between knowledge and meaningful action by conveying science in accessible and actionable terms. Parents are seeking ways to effectively communicate with their adolescents. We will equip them with the tools to develop the protective, nurturing, strengths-based relationships in which youth flourish and provide information on how they can have impactful conversations with their teens regarding character. We will be responsive to the rapidly changing landscape of information exchange by sharing consumer friendly, actionable written and video content through our own web-based resource, strategically aligned partner sites, and networks of parenting peers organized by highly persuasive social media parents (aka bloggers). We will ensure these networks are exposed to guidance firmly rooted in evidence. To optimize our impact, we will be guided by FrameWorks, a research-driven social marketing firm, and renowned expert on social media. We will leverage the trusted relationships families have with HCPs and add them to the list of influential adults supporting youth to reach their full potential. We will create evidence-based tools for HCPs to coach parents on parent-teen communication, maintaining supportive relationships, and building character strengths in their children. This will position HCPs to amplify aligned messages from schools, communities, and media.