Al-Ghazali (1058-1111) was a prominent and influential jurist, philosopher and theologian of Islam. Ghazali’s major work, "Revival of the Religious Sciences", which exercised a profound influence on Muslim intellectual history, is considered by many second only to the Quran. It is a compendium of Islamic spirituality and ethical behavior for everyday life. Using the modern English translation of the complete work, each of the forty books which make up the whole work will be presented in illustrated book and workbook form for Muslim children, and will include a complete companion reference translation from the original Arabic for their parents and teachers. These three publications will make up a ‘set’. An e-book format will also be available.

This project aims to establish from the outset of a child’s life, reflex habits such as humility, patience, love, honesty, gentleness, forgiveness, gratitude, respect for other faiths and other universal truths.

These publications will satisfy an unfilled need for authentic, quality guidance for children when their values are being formed. The aim is a positive, achievable shift in how universal spiritual values can change the outlook and life direction of the Muslim world by working with children and their mentors.

Books 1 and 2, the Book of Knowledge and Book of Belief, have been completed in draft form. Our goal is to print books 1 and 2, and to complete and print 3 through 10 of Ghazali’s master work, each as a three book-set. These will be made available through Fons Vitae’s international contact base and outreach, enhanced by a further series of upcoming launches already scheduled at key congresses.
An online Ghazali interactive resource website will support related activities including ongoing drawing and essay contests for children, and be a site for global interaction, e-book downloads, v-blogs, newsletter and community postings as well as a children’s art gallery.