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Recently Approved Grants

Human Sciences

Project Title Grantee(s) Project Leader(s) Grant Amount
Old Dominion University Research Foundation Saikou Diallo; Wesley Wildman $3,998,981
Advancing Interprofessional Spiritual Care in Clinical Settings George Washington University Christina Puchalski; George Fitchett $233,687
Purpose, Legacy, and Love: The Enduring Power of Connecting the Generations Civic Ventures Marc Freedman; Eunice Lin Nichols $4,500,000


Natural Sciences

Project Title Grantee(s) Project Leader(s) Grant Amount
Leiden University Larissa Mendoza Straffon $205,957
Planning Grant for ‘Supporting Structures: Innovative Partnerships to Develop the Future of Bench Science at Christian Liberal Arts Institutions’ CCCU-UK Stan Rosenberg $234,797


Philosophy and Theology

Project Title Grantee(s) Project Leader(s) Grant Amount
William Whitney- ACT Fellowship Application Azusa Pacific University William Whitney $219,915
A New Philosophy of Symmetry: Gauge, Composition, and Empirical Content University of Notre Dame Nicholas Teh; James Read $230,503
Humility in Inquiry: Foundations and New Directions Fordham University Nathan Ballantyne; Norbert Schwarz $3,412,760
Evolution, ethics, and human origins: A deep-time perspective on human morality St Louis University Helen De Cruz; Johan De Smedt $61,319
The Muslim Worldview, creating tools for spiritual development and renewal in the secular age The Oasis Initiative Foundation Faisal Ghias; Sana Syed $232,800


Public Engagement

Project Title Grantee(s) Project Leader(s) Grant Amount
Science for Nuns and Monks: Independent Documentary University of California Santa Barbara Kum-Kum Bhavnani $234,735
Fifth International Vatican Conference – Exploring the Mind, Body and Soul Cura Foundation Tomasz Trafny; Robin L. Smith $750,000
Expanding the Dialogue: Reaching a New Generation of University Audiences with Science and the Big Questions Veritas Forum Inc. Andrew Schuman $2,482,512


Character Virtue Development

Project Title Grantee(s) Project Leader(s) Grant Amount
Development of an Intensive Measurement Instrument for Measuring Adolescent Youth Purpose and Related Virtues in High School Students American Institutes for Research in the Behavioral Sciences Juliette Berg $234,800
The Character and Virtue Development in Youth Ministry (CVDYM) Project Fuller Theological Seminary Kara Powell; Tyler Greenway $1,394,471
Mental Healthcare, Virtue, and Human Flourishing Trustees of Boston University Steven Sandage; Jesse Owen $2,023,012


Individual Freedom & Free Markets

Project Title Grantee(s) Project Leader(s) Grant Amount
Constitutional Ambassadors National Constitution Center Jeffrey Rosen; Kerry Sautner $2,500,000


Recently Featured Grants

Bringing the EES to the Classroom
The CHOP Center to Promote Adolescent Health, Character, and Well Being: A Research, Translation, and Dissemination Initiative
Greater Good in Education: GGSC Toolkit for Teachers
Q&A: Five Questions with Matt Warner


Grantees in the News

Article Title Date Publication Related Project Title
Guest opinion: Healthy religion is good for American families February 29, 2020 DeseretNews Pew-Templeton Global Religious Futures Project Phase V
Speakers for 2020 ‘Expanding Empathy’ lecture series announced February 26, 2020 Penn State News Nudging Empathy: Harnessing Motivation to Create Sustainable Empathic Choices
Çatalhöyük — Ancient Land Of Peace And Egalitarianism February 22, 2020 Medium Consciousness and creativity in the Neolithic at Çatalhöyük, Turkey
Middle-Aged Americans Are Getting Squeezed February 20, 2020 The National Interest The Pathways to Character Project
How the ‘Gratitude Effect’ Can Reshape Your Life and Its Direction February 14, 2020 Entrepreneur Expanding the Science and Practice of Gratitude Phase Two
New Research Finds That Character Counts In College Admission February 13, 2020 Forbes Building Virtues through College Admissions: Developing Effective, Authentic Assessments that Positively Motivate Student Behavior
Two $900K grants will allow physicists to test for electron electric dipole moment February 5, 2020 Education News Canada Small-Scale Fundamental Physics Block Grant
Just a Couple of Science Funders Trying to Unravel the Mysteries of the Universe February 3, 2020 Inside Philanthropy The Black Hole Initiative: Towards a Center for Interdisciplinary Research, Competing Renewal


Research Publications

Article Title Date Publication Related Project Title
Facilitating open-science with realistic fMRI simulation: validation and application February 19, 2020 PeerJ Toward a Scientific Understanding of the Human Capacity for Cognitive Control
Historical comparison of gender inequality in scientific careers across countries and disciplines February 18, 2020 Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences Using Big Data to Quantify and Cultivate Genius
Do readiness potentials happen all the time? February 1, 2020 NeuroImage Consciousness and Free Will: A Joint Neuroscientific-Philosophical Investigation
The role of Hope in subsequent health and well-being for older adults: An outcome-wide longitudinal approach February 1, 2020 Global Epidemiology Religion and human flourishing – new empirical approaches
Confabulation, Rationalisation and Morality February 1, 2020 Topoi Hope and Optimism: Conceptual and Empirical Investigations
Epigenetic transgenerational inheritance of parent-of-origin allelic transmission of outcross pathology and sperm epimutations February 1, 2020 Developmental Biology Epigenetic Diagnostics for Preventative Medicine
Distinguishing cognitive effort and working memory load using scale-invariance and alpha suppression in EEG February 1, 2020 NeuroImage Developing the Chicago Center for Practical Wisdom
Livestock faecal indicators for animal management, penning, foddering and dung use in early agricultural built environments in the Konya Plain, Central Anatolia February 1, 2020 Archaeological and Anthropological Sciences Consciousness and creativity at the dawn of settled life: the test-case of Çatalhöyük