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The Oasis Initiative seeks support for a pioneering educational initiative titled: The Muslim Worldview, with a view to reviving and renewing discourse pertaining to the intellectual and spiritual tradition of Islam. Since 2012, we have strived to make high quality scholarship accessible in English, supporting the average Muslim professional or student inhabiting and navigating a largely modern secular world. By providing engaging scholarship, Oasis has impacted not only the personal lives of its constituency but also enriched their academic research and professional contributions.

The dearth of context (time and place) informed material available to the Muslim community highlights the need for contemporary theological dialogue and scholarship. Such an endeavor aims not only to adequately engage and appropriately challenge an increasingly secular worldview, but also to raise critical questions and provide thoughtful responses to some of our most pressing socio-cultural and intellectual challenges.

Building on the wide reception and success of our signature programs, our comprehensive project strategy includes the following;

1) Publishing a book written by our Scholar in Residence; Dr. Umar Faruq Abd-Allah titled- First Teaching of the Last Religion: "Knowledge of God, The Prophets, and the Unseen". This book would be self-published by The Oasis Initiative with a print and design team ready for production.

2) A supporting online course through our online teaching platform that can be delivered free of charge. This course will be housed on a new website specifically developed for the Muslim Worldview Project.

3) A set of traveling, intensive, community-led workshops that are implemented across the world to our constituents.