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Recently Approved Grants

Human Sciences

Project Title Grantee(s) Project Leader(s) Grant Amount
Developing Belief: The Development and Diversity of Religious Cognition and Behavior: Phase 1
University of California, Riverside Rebekah Richert; Kathleen Corriveau $9,866,732
Pew-Templeton Global Religious Futures Project Phase VI Pew Charitable Trusts Alan Cooperman $2,446,900


Philosophy and Theology

Project Title Grantee(s) Project Leader(s) Grant Amount
Social virtue epistemology: What does it take to be an intellectually humble Socratic gadfly? Macquarie University Mark Alfano; Jay Van Bavel $797,870
The Launch of MA & PhD Degrees in Philosophy and the Foundations of Science for Latin America Asociación Civil de Estudios Superiores (ACES) Claudia Vanney; Ignacio Silva $510,112
The Global Philosophy of Religion Project University of Birmingham Yujin Nagasawa $2,418,364


Public Engagement

Project Title Grantee(s) Project Leader(s) Grant Amount
Developing the Exploration of Big Questions with Under 18s in the UK and Internationally The Faraday Institute for Science and Religion Lizzie Henderson; Stephanie Bryant $708,130
Cultivating Virtue at the Congregational Level: An Ecclesial Theology of Love, Hope, and Humility Society for the Advancement of Ecclesial Theology Todd Wilson $1,017,593
Fiat Lux: The Word on Fire Institute on Science and Religion Word on Fire Catholic Ministries Jared Zimmerer $1,165,640


Character Virtue Development

Project Title Grantee(s) Project Leader(s) Grant Amount
Supporting Character Strengths in Youth: An Exploration of Parenting Strategies in Communities of Color The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia Kenneth Ginsburg; Joanna Williams $234,054


Individual Freedom & Free Markets

Project Title Grantee(s) Project Leader(s) Grant Amount
The Future of Free Speech: Rebuilding the Bulwark of Liberty Justitia Jacob Mchangama $1,287,131


Recently Featured Grants

Accurately Measuring Religious Belief and Attitudes Around the World
Space and Time After Quantum Gravity
Mental Healthcare, Virtue, and Human Flourishing


Grantees in the News

Article Title Date Publication Related Project Title
Peter Hill: Looking beyond ourselves and our church walls to find humility March 31, 2020 Faith & Leadership Gratitude to God, Phase 2: Psychological, Philosophical, and Theological Investigations
Talent, you’re born with. Creativity, you can grow yourself March 18, 2020 Aeon Aeon Magazine – 24-month publishing program focussed on Science and the Big Questions
Black hole team discovers path to razor-sharp black hole images March 18, 2020 EurekAlert! The Black Hole Initiative: Towards a Center for Interdisciplinary Research, Competing Renewal
The Science of Affection: Why Showing Love to Kids Matters March 12, 2020 Medium Advancing Health, Religion, and Spirituality Research from Public Health to End of Life
Chemistry Professor Jason Green Tackling Laws of Chemistry Through John Templeton Foundation Grant March 10, 2020 UMass Boston News Universal growth laws in the chemistry of life processes
Believing in divine forgiveness may affect well-being March 9, 2020 Open Access Government Divine forgiveness: Phase 1
First ‘Expanding Empathy’ lecture coming March 5 with ethicist Jesse Graham March 2, 2020 Penn State News Nudging Empathy: Harnessing Motivation to Create Sustainable Empathic Choices


Research Publications

Article Title Date Publication Related Project Title
New techniques for a measurement of the electron’s electric dipole moment March 26, 2020 New Journal of Physics Revealing the undiscovered forces that break matter-antimatter symmetry by measuring the shape of electrons
Preparation and execution of voluntary action both contribute to awareness of intention March 25, 2020 Proceedings of the Royal Society B Consciousness and Free Will: A Joint Neuroscientific-Philosophical Investigation
Some Other “No Hole” Spacetimes Properties Are Unstable Too March 14, 2020 Foundations of Physics The Black Hole Initiative: Towards a Center for Interdisciplinary Research
Distinct patterns of thought mediate the link between brain functional connectomes and well-being March 10, 2020 Network Neuroscience Prospective Psychology Stage 2: A Research Competition
Historical comparison of gender inequality in scientific careers across countries and disciplines March 3, 2020 Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences Using Big Data to Quantify and Cultivate Genius
Strategic decisions: behavioral differences between CEOs and others March 1, 2020 Experimental Economics Private Enterprise, Entrepreneurs and Public-Spiritedness in China
O Causation, Where Art Thou? March 1, 2020 BioScience Putting the Extended Evolutionary Synthesis to the Test
Self-Transcendent Emotions and Social Media: Exploring the Content and Consumers of Inspirational Facebook Posts March 1, 2020 New Media & Society Your Daily Dose of Inspiration: Exploring How People Use and are Impacted by Media Content that Elicits Self-Transcendent Emotions
Heat and work along individual trajectories of a quantum bit March 1, 2020 Physical Review Letters Structure of Time in Quantum Mechanics
Some Philosophical Prehistory of the (Earman-Norton) hole argument March 1, 2020 Studies in History and Philosophy of Science Part B Studies in History and Philosophy of Modern Physics New Directions in Philosophy of Cosmology