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Recently Approved Grants

Human Sciences

Project TitleGrantee(s)Project Leader(s)Grant Amount
Development of a scientific classification (taxonomy) of religious practices in health to rigourise the design and evaluation of interventionsCoventry UniversityDeborah Lycett; Riya Patel$232,181
Accurately Measuring Religious Belief and Attitudes Around the WorldUniversity of British ColumbiaAzim Shariff; Will Gervais$139,697
Characterizing and Predicting Variation in Representations of Gods across Culture and HistoryThe University of North Carolina at Chapel HillKurt Gray; Joshua Jackson$234,398
The Intellectual Humility of Psychological Scientists Before and After the Credibility RevolutionUniversity of California, DavisSimine Vazire; Alexa Tullett$233,018
Building the Alister Hardy Archive 2.0 : Planning PhaseCenter for Mind and CultureWesley Wildman; Leslie Francis$234,697


Natural Sciences

Project TitleGrantee(s)Project Leader(s)Grant Amount
Beyond Darwin – Establishing a Theory of Individual-Specific Adaptation, Complementary to Natural SelectionWeizmann Institute of ScienceYoav Soen$601,583


Philosophy & Theology

Project TitleGrantee(s)Project Leader(s)Grant Amount
Adam Green – ACT Fellowship Application: Divine Hiddenness in Cross-Cultural PerspectiveAzusa Pacific UniversityAdam Green$191,293
Consciousness and Free Will: A Joint Neuroscientific-Philosophical InvestigationChapman UniversityUri Maoz$5,344,062
Evangelical Theology and the Doctrine of CreationTrinity International UniversityTom McCall; Geoffrey Fulkerson$4,163,270


Public Engagement

Project TitleGrantee(s)Project Leader(s)Grant Amount
The Everything Happens ProjectIssachar FundCatherine Bowler; Sara Hohnstein$210,180
Phase II – Moral Foundation of Movies: Examining the Virtuous Content and Financial Performance of Popular FilmsUniversity of California Santa BarbaraRene Weber; Stacy Smith$234,219


Character Virtue Development

Project TitleGrantee(s)Project Leader(s)Grant Amount
Character Virtue Development within Moral Ecology: A Proposal for a Fellows Program to Mine Moral Ecology DataIn Medias Res Educational FoundationRyan Olson$742,952

Individual Freedom & Free Markets

Project TitleGrantee(s)Project Leader(s)Grant Amount
Religion, Institutions, and the Global Common Good Research ProjectReligious Freedom InstituteTimothy Shah; Thomas Farr$1,739,050


Recently Featured Grants

New $5.34 Million Grant to Examine the Neuroscience of Free Will


Grantees in the News

Article TitleDatePublicationRelated Project Title
Templeton Foundation Awards $5.34 Million to Examine Free WillMarch 28, 2019Philanthropy News DigestConsciousness and Free Will: A Joint Neuroscientific-Philosophical Investigation
Study: Faith Practices Have Powerful Benefits for TeensMarch 25, 2019ChurchLeadersAdvancing Health, Religion, and Spirituality Research from Public Health to End of Life
Which Came First, Vengeful Gods or Complex Civilizations?March 25, 2019SmithsonianAxial-Age Religions and the Z-Curve of Human Egalitarianism
Philosophers and neuroscientists join forces to see whether science can solve the mystery of free willMarch 21, 2019ScienceConsciousness and Free Will: A Joint Neuroscientific-Philosophical Investigation
Big Religion May Have Gotten Too Much Credit for the Evolution of Modern SocietyMarch 20, 2019Scientific AmericanAxial-Age Religions and the Z-Curve of Human Egalitarianism
Taking the message ‘It’s OK to not be OK’ globalMarch 19, 2019ASU NowThe Pathways to Character Project
Interactive Constitution Classroom Edition on Its WayMarch 19, 2019The JournalCoalition of Freedom
How to Do Interdisciplinary Work that WorksMarch 16, 2019PatheosSynthesizing Empirical Findings and Theory in the Scientific Study of Religion
Why Strong Character Is a Foundation of ResilienceMarch 7, 2019Psychology TodayThe Spiritual, Character, and Virtue Formation of Seminarians
Creating and Pilot Testing a Seminarian Character/Virtue and Spiritual Development Program Assessment Instrument
Political division can actually help us work together betterMarch 7, 2019Futurity.orgMetaknowledge Network: Knowledge About Knowledge to Answer the Big Questions
Following conflict, a turn to the divineMarch 5, 2019The Harvard GazetteThe Emergence of Prosocial Religions: How Cultural Evolution Favored Beliefs and Rituals that Galvanize Large-scale Cooperation


Research Publications

Article TitleDatePublicationRelated Project Title
How do online learners study? The psychometrics of students’ clicking patterns in online coursesMarch 25, 2019PLoS ONETracking and Understanding Cultural Values using Big Data
Environmental control programs the emergence of distinct functional ensembles from unconstrained chemical reactionsMarch 19, 2019Proceedings of the National Academy of SciencesA molecular complexity approach to identifying bio-signatures, shadow-life, and new life forms
Exploring the Informational Transitions Bridging Simple Chemistry and Minimal Life
Editorial: Owning a Body + Moving a Body = Me?March 18, 2019Frontiers in Human NeuroscienceHong Yu Wong- ACT Fellowship Application – The New Concept of Mind
An Interdisciplinary Framework for Islamic Cognitive TheoriesMarch 11, 2019ZygonDeveloping Religious Leaders with Scientific Awareness
How adaptive plasticity evolves when selected againstMarch 8, 2019PLoS Computational BiologyPutting the Extended Evolutionary Synthesis to the Test
Evolution of resilience in protein interactomes across the tree of lifeMarch 5, 2019Proceedings of the National Academy of SciencesPutting the Extended Evolutionary Synthesis to the Test
Hope, Dying and SolidarityMarch 2, 2019Ethical Theory and Moral PracticeHope and Optimism: Conceptual and Empirical Investigations
Individual differences in the effectiveness of self-distancing for young children’s emotion regulationMarch 1, 2019British Journal of Developmental PsychologyFostering Self-Control: Strategies that Facilitate Working, Waiting, and Emotion Regulation