This project is needed because there is a clear need for the development of a religious leadership that is sure-footed in its religious knowledge as well as one that is scientifically literate. There are many religious scholars who have very little understanding of science, the scientific method and recent advances in science. Yet, they are called upon to provide guidance on how to respond to challenges thrown up by scientific advancements. Simultaneously, there are many scientists from a Muslim background who would benefit immensely from the opportunity of an extended sabbatical from their area of work so they that can develop their theological understanding. This project will seek to train individuals who will be better able to answer questions on the science-religion discussions. The activities that we will carry out are the running of two courses for 15-20 students. This will be as part of the Diploma in Contextual Islamic Studies and Leadership that Cambridge Muslim College has run for six years now. The two courses that we intend to run as part of this proposal are on Science and the Social Sciences. Simultaneously we have employed as part of our research community here at the College two postdoctoral research fellows. This project will allow us to employ two additional research fellows who will have a scientific background and this will add to the research dimension of the College and aid the scientific literacy of our Diploma students. We will aim to recruit two scientists who will then take a one year career break to focus on developing their theological understanding. By the end of the project we will have trained approximately 20 young Islamic scholars on science and developed at least two scientists as theologians. This project will be a major and unique contribution to the development of a religious leadership that is more scientifically aware.