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The Creation Project is a three-year, five-program endeavor to catalyze the doctrine of creation in evangelical theology and churches, building upon the momentum made in recent years. Anecdotal and empirical evidence indicate that we have made good progress in addressing the widespread perception of fundamental conflict between the claims of the natural sciences and historic Christian doctrines of creation while also advancing a grander account of the doctrine of creation. At the same time, we are now more keenly aware of the remaining tasks. We hope to build upon the significant gains made and to move the conversation into several important yet relatively under-explored areas in evangelical discussions on theology and science.

Our ongoing goal is to stimulate careful and creative scholarly work among academic and pastoral theologians on issues related to the doctrine of creation, and to aid the development of a theological approach to the doctrine of creation that is intellectually humble, faithful to Scripture (received as divine revelation), and open to and engaged with important work in the natural sciences.

The project structure includes scholarly research, congregational partnerships, and public discussions about important but controversial issues related to the doctrine of creation. Initiatives include:

-an annual, interdisciplinary conference;
-public lectures and events;
-digital presence;
-a scholars-in-residence program;
-a pastor award;

Through this multi-pronged approach, we will generate many deliverables (e.g. reports, published articles, digital resources). Our aim is to impact the science and theology conversation by providing clear and public guidance to the broader evangelical community, including increased intellectual humility with respect to theological claims in the context of scientific advance as well as increased humility with respect to scientific claims in the context of theological commitments.