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Gratitude as a Fount of Virtue: Examining How Gratitude Fosters Other Noble Character Traits

David DeSteno • Northeastern University • $217K • Learn More

The Character Course: Design, dissemination and evaluation of a church-based small group programme for character development

Roger Bretherton • University of Lincoln • $206K • Learn more

Scaling Up a Compelling Mussar-Based Teen Curriculum

Steven Kraus • Musser Institute Society USA • $217K • Learn more

The Embodiment of Worship: Relations Among Postural, Psychological, and Physiological Aspects of Religious Practice

Patty Van Cappellen • Duke University • $555K • Learn more

Building an Abrahamic Scholarly Community

Kelly James Clark • Grand Valley State University • $214K • Learn more

Demographics and Entrepreneurship

Jason Clemens • The Fraser Institute • $150K • Learn more

Startup Innovation: The Role of Regulation in Entrepreneurship

Richard Epstein • New York University • $211K • Learn More

Generating New Creative Media on Science and Faith for Children

Denis Alexander • The Faraday Trust for Science and Religion • $911K • Learn More

Expansion of Faraday Institute: the next 20 years

Robert White • The Faraday Trust for Science and Religion • $2.4M • Learn More

TNP Academy Community and Scholars Program

Daniel Honan • Community Foundation for Nantucket • $217K • Learn More

Orbiter – Science and Meaning Content Website

Cathy Fair • Sword and Spoon Workshop • $217K • Learn More

Science and the Big Questions Aggregator Website: Phase 2

Marc Kaufman • Science Sites Inc. • $213K • Learn More

Project to Promote Public Discourse at the Intersection of Science and Spirituality

Robert Wright • Union Theological Seminary • $215K • Learn More