The basis of this proposal is a grant to enable us to finance a 20-year lease on a set of bespoke new-build offices which will provide a secure home for The Faraday Institute to develop over the next two decades. We are building on an international reputation and expertise in the field of science and religion that has been developed over the past decade since the Institute was founded by Dr Denis Alexander and Prof. Robert White in 2006. Ancillary costs are requested to fit out the building and to address the main recommendations of the RTM report ‘Sustaining the Mission’ to make The Faraday Institute sustainable over the long term. These include rewriting and maintaining the web interface which is our main portal to the wider world and one of our key dissemination routes; fitting out a library and archiving the books of the leading British thinkers in the field of science and religion to preserve it as a long-term resource; and a fund-raiser to develop a diverse funding range and portfolio of donors to achieve that endowment. This stability of this facility will enable us also to develop as a long-term platform provider for Templeton projects.