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The Nantucket Academy will bring together inspired speakers and a community of lifelong learners to examine the world's big questions and encourage thinking that is underscored by the core principles of intellectual humility, curiosity, openness and scientific rigor.

We value speakers and audiences who are not afraid to say the words "I don't know." It is in this spirit that this group will convene at the annual Nantucket Project gathering from September 14 - 17 on Nantucket, MA and embark on a 12-month program of learning and engagement. We will seek out speakers who we believe are genuinely world-class leaders who have not yet broken through in mainstream public discourse.

In addition, TNP Academy will involve a group of curious, humble and passionate innovators for its year-round Scholars Program. We will consider applicants who can most benefit from coaching around storytelling and movement building.

These three components are interrelated as Speakers, Fellows and Scholars will each benefit from the cross-pollination of ideas and TNP Academy's ability to disseminate these ideas to the world through TNPIdeaFilms..

We believe this project is unique among thought-leadership forums. We focus on "what matters," i.e., the big questions about humankind's place in the universe. TNP Academy is also unique in its ability to create impact through the power of storytelling. Lastly, we are confident in our ability to successfully deliver impact because of the strength of our team and the simple, transparent methodology we use: humility and hard work.