Entrepreneurship is foundational for a prosperous society.The pronounced change in demographics underway is an ignored cause of the decline in business start-ups, a key measure of entrepreneurship. In particular, the larger share of the population over the prime age for entrepreneurship is adversely affecting entrepreneurship. Studies have demonstrated a relationship between a population’s age structure and entrepreneurship. Younger populated jurisdictions experience a higher level of entrepreneurship than similar regions with older populations.The reason is that younger people, particularly those between 30-45 have a higher tendency towards entrepreneurship because they possess both the requisite business skills and risk tolerance to successfully undertake entrepreneurial endeavors.It is critical, therefore, to get other policies that impact entrepreneurship correct. This project will bring together recognized scholars for a collected essays series that explains how demographics impact entrepreneurship and offers practical, concrete policy reforms. It is an opportunity to link large-scale policy reform with both improving entrepreneurship and economic prosperity. The project includes an event in Washington as well as aggressive promotion through both traditional and new media.