This project, continuing work done under a JTF planning grant (ID 55842), will explore and promulgate ideas at the intersection of science and spirituality, including ideas that are part of the spiritual worldview developed and articulated under that grant. This will be accomplished largely through the continued operation of, the website created under that grant. The website will continue to produce video dialogues and audio podcasts, and will also create non-dialogue media products intended to expand's audience and spread ideas beyond that audience.

The project activities will (1) cultivate an appreciation of mysteries of the cosmos, and of how scientific progress has highlighted those mysteries; (2) examine and promulgate spiritual ideas and practices that fit within a scientific worldview; (3) underscore the importance of intellectual humility both in addressing deep philosophical questions and in conducting everyday discourse; (4) highlight cognitive biases that impede such humility and highlight spiritual practices that address those biases; (5) foster reflection on the possibility of direction and purpose in biological and cultural evolution; (6) aid in evaluating the prospects for building communities of interest around these themes.