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Science Sites will populate, refine, expand and maintain the newly built aggregator website at scienceandbigquestions.com, transforming a beta site into a robust and fruitful destination site that aggregates, organizes, and presents the important popular content related to research concerning life’s Big Questions.
No existing website presents content reflecting the full range of Science and Big Questions (SABQ) topics in an accessible, intuitive way. We will do just that, matching a thoughtful editorial vision and content plan with a sophisticated presentation strategy, allowing visitors to easily find, sort and explore the site content. Leveraging unique editorial resources, we will manually source and curate the media outputs related to SABQ research (multimedia, blog posts, articles, etc) and publish new material regularly and consistently moving forward in order to create a deep and broad site, under a trusted brand, that surfaces, catalogues and promotes the engaging and important SABQ content that would otherwise remain hard to find. This content will be equally accessible to scholars, researchers, philanthropists, educators, clergy and educated laypeople.
Over the course of this project, we will expand and refine the functionalities available to the site visitor. We will analyze and act on user feedback to make adjustments and revisions as needed—paying particular attention to the sorting and filtering technologies and the ways in which the site visitor explores our content offerings. We will also integrate a social media presence, creating both a Facebook page and Twitter feed.
The aggregator website will spark intellectual and spiritual curiosity, generating new opportunities for learning and discovery while increasing the visibility and enduring impact of SABQ research. We will facilitate a change in the way scholars interact with SABQ content online, and the way those with a general interest in SABQ use the web to interact with SABQ-related materials.