The remarkable resurgence of philosophy of religion and science-religion is mostly analytical philosophy of Christianity. It’s time to expand outside of the Christian realm to include Muslims. However, since Muslim inquiry is typically historical and social, and philosophical inquiry is mostly analytic and conceptual, Muslims are isolated from participating in the world conversation. In anticipating the future, it is vital to motivate, inform and inspire young scholars at formative stages of their careers to acquire analytical tools of inquiry. To that end, I propose a three-year project to identify, inform, and motivate young Muslim scholars for analytical, faith-based inquiry. I propose first three annual workshops on multi-faith inquiry involving two top scholars, advanced Christian PhD students from the US and Muslim graduate students and young professors from the Middle East and Turkey (to be held in the Middle East). Second, I propose a team of three -- myself, Enis Doko, and an Arab-speaking Muslim -- to travel throughout the Middle East to identify and recruit young Muslim scholars to JTF's various project. Finally, in consultation with the team, I will deliver a report to JTF on both schools and individuals.