A big challenge of secular cultures is that many people develop to adulthood with their minds firmly closed to the questions about ultimate reality of central interest to Sir John. The process of ‘closing the mind’ starts early during child development, partly due to the exposure of children to scientistic narratives that suggest that science and religion are in conflict or, at least, that they exist in separate compartments. The aim of this project is to carry out a dissemination programme in UK schools that will challenge such assumptions and, in parallel, to develop new media materials for children aged 2-12 that provide more positive narratives about the relationship between mainstream science and religious questions. TWCF Planning Grant 0150 has been instrumental in laying the groundwork. A Planning Workshop led to the generation of six Creative Ideas Papers and to collaborations with four well-established publishers: Lion-Hudson, SPCK, Scripture Union and Religious Education Today. Out of 60 creative ideas for new books and apps, 19 have been selected as outputs for these publishers as part of this grant proposal. The Publishers will return a 33% Royalty to The Faraday Institute to establish a ‘Continuation Fund’ to fund further similar outputs in Years 4-6. A website will promote the new publishing outputs and act as a resource centre for parents, teachers and children. Project assessment will be carried out by the Faraday team in collaboration with the four publishers. To cope with the many openings in UK schools and with the demands of the project, Stephanie Bryant will be added to the team. The team are aiming at 360 dissemination sessions in schools during three years. The schools outreach work will be integrated with the generation of new media materials. The 3-year project will generate a 6-year Programme that will contribute to the development of a new generation of children who will view the relationship between science and faith more positively.