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Recently Approved Grants

Human Sciences

Project Title Grantee(s) Project Leader(s) Grant Amount
Regents of The University of California at San Diego Michael McCullough; Eric Pedersen $39,614

Natural Sciences

Project Title Grantee(s) Project Leader(s) Grant Amount
University of California, Riverside Hai-Bo Yu $234,800


Philosophy and Theology

Project Title Grantee(s) Project Leader(s) Grant Amount
Investigating Motivated Reasoning in Intellectual Humility: A Personality Difference Approach Regents of the University of Michigan David Dunning $234,758


Public Engagement

Project Title Grantee(s) Project Leader(s) Grant Amount
CORES | COFAS: Conversations on Religion, Ethics, and Science | Conversations on Faith and Science Community Ministries International Ben Sanders; Barry Ritchie $230,000


Recently Featured Grants

Q&A: Five Questions with Jeffrey Rosen
Building Virtues through College Admissions: Developing Effective, Authentic Assessments that Positively Motivate Student Behavior
Unfolding Quantum Intuition


Grantees in the News

Article Title Date Publication Related Project Title
The Healing Powers of Gratitude May 29, 2020 Self.com Expanding the Science and Practice of Gratitude Phase Two
Shared Ancestry? Genomes Provide New Insight into Canaanite Heritage May 28, 2020 The Jewish Press The Ancient DNA Atlas of Humanity
Templeton Foundation awards $3.9 million to Villanova University May 25, 2020 Philanthropy News Digest Collaborative Inquiries in Christian Theological Anthropology
Migration patterns reveal an ‘Eden’ for ancient humans and animals May 22, 2020 ScienceDaily Evolutionary Foundations of Human Uniqueness: Recovering Patterns of Cognition, Cumulative Culture and Cooperation
How one monk’s ‘inner evolution’ fuels social justice work May 21, 2020 The Christian Science Monitor Spiritual Exemplars: A Global Project on Engaged Spirituality
PEN America’s Inaugural Freedom To Write Index: 238 Imprisoned May 20, 2020 Publishing Perspectives Writers and Intellectuals Under Threat: Documenting Limits on Free Expression
Is there space for science in seminaries? This professor says yes. May 12, 2020 U.S. Catholic Science for Seminaries: Phase II
Regularly attending religious services associated with lower risk of deaths of despair May 6, 2020 Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health Religion and human flourishing – new empirical approaches
Study: Life might survive, and thrive, in a hydrogen world May 4, 2020 MIT News The Alien Earths Initiative


Research Publications

Article Title Date Publication Related Project Title
Spontaneous formation of autocatalytic sets with self-replicating inorganic metal oxide clusters May 19, 2020 Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America Exploring the Informational Transitions Bridging Simple Chemistry and Minimal Life
Love of Neighbor During a Pandemic: Navigating the Competing Goods of Religious Gatherings and Physical Health May 13, 2020 Journal of Religion and Health Religion and human flourishing – new empirical approaches
How School Contexts Shape the Relations Among Adolescents’ Beliefs, Peer Victimization, and Depressive Symptoms May 9, 2020 Journal of Research on Adolescence A national evaluation of an intervention to promote adolescent thriving
Are sequential sample designs useful for examining post-traumatic changes in character strengths? May 3, 2020 The Journal of Positive Psychology The Pathways to Character Project
Stress Disrupts Human Hippocampal-Prefrontal Function during Prospective Spatial Navigation and Hinders Flexible Behavior May 1, 2020 Current Biology Prospective Psychology Stage 2: A Research Competition
Reconstructing the evolutionary history of nitrogenases: Evidence for ancestral molybdenum‐cofactor utilization May 1, 2020 Geobiology Molecular insights into historical constraints on evolution
Some Other “No Hole” Spacetimes Properties Are Unstable Too May 1, 2020 Foundations of Physics The Black Hole Initiative: Towards a Center for Interdisciplinary Research
Some Philosophical Prehistory of the (Earman-Norton) hole argument May 1, 2020 Studies in History and Philosophy of Science Part B Studies in History and Philosophy of Modern Physics New Directions in Philosophy of Cosmology
Culture and colonial legacy: Evidence from public goods games May 1, 2020 Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization The Next RES Research Initiative: Expanding the advancements made in the economic study of religion and religious markets
Einstein clusters as models of inhomogeneous spacetimes May 1, 2020 European Physical Journal C Conceptual Problems in Unification Theories