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Recently Approved Grants

Character Virtue Development

Project TitleGrantee(s)Project Leader(s)Grant Amount
#CultivatingCharacter: A Global Movement to Cultivate Character both Online and Off Through Living 24/6Let it Ripple, IncTiffany Shlain$350,000
Exemplar Interventions to Develop CharacterWake Forest UniversityEranda Jayawickreme, Michael Lamb$1,686,200
Identifying Metrics of Character Development in Adults: Insights from shared life in L’ArcheL’Arche USATina Bovermann, Brenna Case$220,000
Individual differences and children’s motivations for forgivenessTrustees of Boston UniversityPeter Blake$233,917
Innovative Videos for the Greater GoodRegents of the University of California at BerkeleyJason Marsh$234,800


Human Sciences

Project TitleGrantee(s)Project Leader(s)Grant Amount
Measuring Religious Change in the Global EastPurdue UniversityFenggang Yang, Chris White$234,800
Family Purpose in the 21st Century: Understanding and Fostering Purpose among Families with Extraordinary ResponsibilitiesClaremont Graduate UniversityKendall Bronk, Tarek el Sehity$1,564,673
Children’s Developing Concepts of God’s Causal RelevanceUniversity of Texas at AustinJacqueline Woolley, Kelsey Kelley$463,067
Spirituality and Prosocial Values in the Absence of Religion Among Millennials and Their FamiliesSyracuse UniversityMerril Silverstein, Vern Bengtson$278,1745


Philosophy & Theology

Project TitleGrantee(s)Project Leader(s)Grant Amount
Science-Engaged Philosophical Theology: God, Time, and CreationRutgers University FoundationDean Zimmerman$1,031,088


Exceptional Cognitive Talent and Genius

Project TitleGrantee(s)Project Leader(s)Grant Amount
Study of Mathematically Precocious Youth at Age 50 (1971-2021): Studying Genius-Level Talent and Creativity in Life’s Prime YearsVanderbilt UniversityDavid Lubinski, Camilla Benbow$735,253


Recently Featured Grants

How Life’s Upheavals Shape Us
Hidden Depths: The ancestry of our most human emotions


Grantees in the News

Article TitleDatePublicationRelated Project Title
Scientists studying brains of altruistic kidney donors who give organs to strangersJuly 8, 2019CBS NewsExamining the Role of Shared Neural Representations of Pain-Related Affect in Empathy and Altruism
Think You Know the Definition of a Black Hole? Think AgainJuly 12, 2019NautilusNautilus Magazine
The brain’s pathways to imagination may hold the key to altruistic behaviorJuly 12, 2019Science DailyReasoning in moral Thought and Action
The real midlife crisis confronting many AmericansJuly 15, 2019The ConversationThe Pathways to Character Project
Experiencing Awe May Bridge The Gap Between Science And ReligionJuly 19, 2019ForbesFostering Cross-Cultural and Multi-Wave Psychological Research on Religiosity
Assessing Ethical Character In College AdmissionJuly 25, 2019ForbesBuilding Virtues Through College Admissions: Developing Effective, Authentic, Assessments That Positively Motivate Student Behavior
Babies understand social hierarchies, expect leaders to fix everything when someone breaks the rulesJuly 29, 2019NewsweekInfants’ and Toddlers’ Evaluations of Moral Character
Bioethicists worried patients couldn’t handle their own genetic testing results. They were (mostly) wrongJuly 30, 2019STATGene Editing and Human Flourishing


Research Publications

Article TitleDatePublicationRelated Project Title
Single-world consistent interpretation of quantum mechanics from fundamental time and length uncertaintiesJuly 2, 2019Physical Review AQuantum Reality: Physics and the Human Quest for Sense
The gradual development of the preference for natural environmentsJuly 2, 2019Journal of Environmental PsychologyDeveloping the Chicago Center for Practical Wisdom
Blurring the germline: Genome editing and transgenerational epigenetic inheritanceJuly 2, 2019BioethicsPutting the Extended Evolutionary Synthesis to the Test 
We’re all behavioral economists nowJuly 3, 2019Journal of Economic MethodologyVirtue, Happiness, and the Meaning of Life
Asking ‘Why?’ Enhances Theory of Mind When Evaluating Harm but not Purity ViolationsJuly 3, 2019Social Cognitive & Affective NeuroscienceBuilding Virtue: Environmental and Social Influences on the Development of Fairness, Forgiveness, Honesty, and Trustworthiness
Divine, interpersonal and self-forgiveness: Independently related to depressive symptoms?July 7, 2019The Journal of Positive PsychologyDivine Forgiveness: Phase 1
The Hand of God or the Work of the Devil? Spiritual Appraisals and Psychological Adjustment After the 2016 U.S. Presidential ElectionJuly 11, 2019Analyses of Social Issues & Public PolicyUnderstanding Supernatural Attributions: Types, Predictors, and Consequences