Nautilus magazine, launched online and in print in 2013, connects together science, mathematics, philosophy, theology, and culture to create the broadest, deepest and most compelling narratives in science media. A new kind of science experience with a literary voice, Nautilus explores one monthly topic at a time through long-form essays and articles, short blogs, video, graphic stories, photo essays, and interactive tools—all sumptuously illustrated. Since its launch, Nautilus attracted an audience of millions of readers and won over a dozen editorial and design awards including three National Magazine Awards, a Kavli Science Writing award and the Webby for best science on the internet. Each issue features content not only from the world’s leading scientists – but also from fiction writers, philosophers, journalists, theologians and artists. With the conviction that rigor and accessibility are not mutually exclusive, we connect readers to the oldest and dearest questions: What is the world we find ourselves in, and why are we here? Across the broad expanse of theory, history, research, experimentation, and experience, Nautilus is the journal for the scientist and the seeker. Nautilus' matching grant application will support its online and print publishing program, staffing, content creation and audience expansion.