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Recently Approved Grants

Human Sciences

Project Title Grantee(s) Project Leader(s) Grant Amount
Landmark Spirituality and Health Survey Follow-Up: Prediction to Mortality, Mental, and Physical Health Outcomes University of Miami Gail Ironson, Neal Krause $682,144
Promoting Open Inquiry, Viewpoint Diversity, and Constructive Disagreement on American College Campuses and in the Disciplines Heterodox Academy Deb Mashek $2,852,229


Philosophy & Theology

Project Title Grantee(s) Project Leader(s) Grant Amount
Developing Spirituality and Mindfulness Curricula for Next Generation Philanthropic Leaders The Philanthropy Workshop Renee Kaplan, Jennifer Davis $204,284
God and the Book of Nature University of Edinburgh Mark Harris, Sarah Ritchie $2,795,875
How stories inspire virtuous behavior Yale University Molly Crockett, Walter Sinnott-Armstrong $800,124
Christian Meaning-Making, Suffering and the Flourishing Life Biola University Liz Hall, Crystal Park $1,113,594
Toward a Scientific Understanding of the Human Capacity for Autonomy The Trustees of Princeton University Jonathan Cohen $4,995,106


Public Engagement

Project Title Grantee(s) Project Leader(s) Grant Amount
Helping the American Church Engage Science Stephen & Laurel Brown Foundation, Inc. Andrew Rick-Miller, Greg Cootsona $157,550


Character Virtue Development

Project Title Grantee(s) Project Leader(s) Grant Amount
GIVE BIG: Investigating and fostering generosity in young children The Governing Council of the University of Toronto Jessica Sommerville $858,521



Project Title Grantee(s) Project Leader(s) Grant Amount
Communication between the brain and the male reproductive tract in mammals University of Massachusetts Oliver Rando $1,682,283


Recently Featured Grants

Learning with L’Arche
New Grant to Expand the Science of Kindness


Grantees in the News

Article Title Date Publication Related Project Title
Children don’t like nature as much as adults, but preferences change with age August 4, 2019 Neuroscience News Virtue, Happiness, and the Meaning of Life
Andrew Root: The challenge of being a pastor in a secular age August 6, 2019 Faith & Leadership Purpose, The Pastor, and Charles Taylor
Controlling the shape-shifting skeletons of cells August 8, 2019 EurekAlert! The Boundaries of Life Research Initiative: Asking fundamental questions about the origins, evolution and diversity of life on Earth and beyond
Why speaking to yourself in the third person makes you wiser August 12, 2019 Big Think The Pathways to Character Project
Why Paying-It-Forward Is Good for You and Your Neighbor August 17, 2019 Psychology Today Blog Generous by nature: Need-based transfers and the origins of human cooperation
Scientists Mull the Astrobiological Implications of an Airless Alien Planet August 19, 2019 Scientific American Opportunity M: The Fast Track to Find Other Inhabited Worlds
Quantum gravity’s tangled time August 22, 2019 ScienceDaily Quantum Causal Structures


Research Publications

Article Title Date Publication Related Project Title
Spontaneous Symmetry Breaking Induced by Quantum Monitoring August 1, 2019 Physical Review Letters Time and perception in the quantum world
Joint rhythmic tapping elicits distinct emotions depending on tap timing and prior musical training August 1, 2019 Emotion Enhancing children’s capacity for empathy through musical interaction
Quantifying coral morphology August 2, 2019 Coral Reefs Putting the Extended Evolutionary Synthesis to the Test
Entrepreneurial intent of engineering and business undergraduate students August 6, 2019 Journal of Engineering Education The Role of Truth, Humility, and Faith in Moral Formation: A Developmental Analysis of Exemplary 20th Century Lives
The Mickey Mouse problem: Distinguishing religious and fictional counterintuitive agents August 8, 2019 PloS ONE Understanding Unbelief
The fundamental: Ungrounded or all-grounding? August 14, 2019 Philosophical Studies The Durham Emergence Project
Interactions between earliest Linearbandkeramik farmers and central European hunter gatherers at the dawn of European Neolithization August 21, 2019 bioRxiv The Ancient DNA Atlas of Humanity
Measures of Community Well-Being: a Template August 26, 2019 International Journal of Community Well-Being Religion and human flourishing – new empirical approaches
General scores for accessibility and inequality measures in urban areas August 30, 2019 Royal Society Open Science Unfolding the dynamics of creativity, novelties and innovation