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This 33-month project will build a network of "guild" theologians and philosophers of religion in order to form a wide-ranging collaborative engagement with the natural sciences. The project will address three areas organised around our central "Book of Nature" theme, starting from existing work in science-engaged theology, but aimed specifically towards building theologies of nature. The three areas are as follows:

1. God and Nature
2. Mind and Nature
3. Naturalism(s) and Nature

Each of these themes will be addressed by at least two of the research groups within the network. We envisage up to 10 such groups, spread through European and American universities which have already demonstrated a strong track record in the science-engaged theology area. Each research group will consist of a tenure-track academic in theology or philosophy, and one (sometimes two) postdocs who will develop theological links with specific empirical sciences; each group will collaborate with a relevant laboratory so that the postdoc(s) can gain direct exposure to research activities in the empirical science.

The network will meet annually as a whole (primarily in a special session at AAR), and more regularly in small themed units, in order to maximise the cohesion of the network, and to ensure that the three themes inform our overall research vision. Core outputs of the network will include publications with leading scholarly journals and university presses, along with lectures, speaker meetings, workshops and sessions at AAR, which will include prominent scientists involved in the project.