The project addresses the dynamics of novelties - a fundamental factor in the evolution of human societies, biological systems and technology- with the aim to unfold and quantify the underlying mechanisms through which creativity emerges and innovations diffuse, compete and stabilize. The project is timely due to the availability of extensive longitudinal records of human, social, biological and technological evolution. We shall exploit the unique opportunity offered by the combination of ICT tools for social computation with powerful analytical and modeling tools, by blending, in a unitary interdisciplinary effort, three main activities: web-based experiments, data science and theoretical modeling. Through this experimental, mathematical and computational framework we shall provide the scientific community with a quantitative understanding of the determinants of creativity and innovation as well as a solid overarching scientific framework describing creativity in a quantitative and operational way. Concrete Outputs will result in at least 10 peer reviewed papers, 10 conference presentations, 6 invited talks along as several media events. In addition we shall make available to the whole community a web platform suitably conceived for the realization of experiments devoted to the investigation of creativity and innovation processes. Case-studies and public events will be organized to raise awareness about the project and to collect data in virtual and physical environments. If successful, our activities will trigger several Enduring impacts. We hope to stimulate a bundle of new research lines in multiple academic and non-academic communities interested in quantifying and controlling the processes underlying creativity and innovation. By unveiling and quantifying the complex ecology of creativity and innovation, we also expect to impact sectors - education, learning, research, social challenges- where creativity and innovation are much needed fuels.