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Office of the President and Chairman

  • Dr. Jack Templeton, President and Chairman
  • Roseann Wolf, Executive Coordinator
  • Doris Hackl, Administrative Associate
  • Harriet Morrison, Office Support Associate

Office of the Executive Vice President, Chief Administrative Officer

  • Douglas W. Scott, Executive Vice President, Chief Administrative Officer
  • Nancy Clark, Executive Associate

Office of the Executive Vice President, General Counsel

  • Dawn Bryant, Esq., Executive Vice President, General Counsel
  • Robyn D. Harris, Manager, Legal Operations
  • Maureen Leidy, Executive Associate

Office of the Executive Vice President, Strategic Initiatives

  • Barnaby Marsh, D.Phil., Executive Vice President, Strategic Initiatives and Managing Director, Philanthropic Leadership Network
  • Marlene J. Ryan, Executive Coordinator
  • Rozanne Tarlecky, Administrative Associate

Office of the Executive Vice President, Programs

  • Michael J. Murray, Ph.D., Executive Vice President, Programs
  • Christina Van Riper, Executive Associate
  • Lilija Oleaga, Administrative Associate

Program | Character Virtue Development

  • Sarah Clement, Ph.D., Director, Character Virtue Development
  • Richard Bollinger, Ph.D., Program Officer, Character Virtue Development
  • Caitlin Younce, Program Associate

Program | Human Sciences

Program | Humble Approach Initiative

Program | Individual Freedom & Free Markets

Program | Life Sciences and Genetics

Program | Mathematical and Physical Sciences

  • Bevin Ashley Zauderer, Ph.D., Assistant Director, Mathematical and Physical Sciences
  • Redmond Brubaker, Program Associate

Program | Philosophy and Theology

Program | Strategic Program Initiatives

  • Christopher Stawski, Vice President, Strategic Program Initiatives
  • Ayako Fukui, Ph.D., Assistant Director, Strategic Program Initiatives and Director, Genius Portfolio
  • Chelsea Nunziato, Program Associate

Templeton Prize

  • Joanna Almond, Director, Special Meetings
  • Lynn Coletta, Special Meetings Coordinator
  • Patricia LaVine, Administrative Associate

Communications and Public Affairs

  • Earl D. Whipple, Vice President, Communications and Public Affairs
  • Christopher Levenick, Director, Academic and Scientific Engagement
  • Drew Rick-Miller, Director, Religious and Faith-Based Engagement
  • John Seel, Ph.D., Director, Cultural Engagement
  • Clio Alexandra Mallin, Communications Specialist
  • Alyssa Settefrati, Communications Specialist
  • Jessica Russell, Engagement Associate
  • Natalie Holmes, Administrative Associate

Finance and Accounting

  • Valerie K. Martin, Chief Financial Officer
  • Stephen Lepkowski, Controller
  • Marianne Haruch, Assistant Controller
  • Doreen J. Bobrow, Senior Accountant
  • Louise Foster, Accountant
  • Isabela Preutu, Junior Accountant
  • Patricia Puyans, Accounting Administrator
  • Sylvia Shvartsman, Accounts Payable and Payroll Associate
  • Holly C. Zajac, Administrative Associate

Grants Administration

  • Helen Corr, Grants Administrator
  • Raechelle Walker-Ellis, Grants Administrator

Human Resources

  • Felicia Smith, Director, Chief Human Resource Officer
  • Emily Hoffman, PHR, Human Resource Administrator
  • Susan Sims, Office Support Associate, Operations
  • Patricia Laird, Office Support Associate
  • John McMurray, Archivist/Office Support Associate

Information Technology

  • John C. Witcoski, Director, Information Technology
  • Jay Kanchana, Manager, Business Applications
  • Edward Phethean, Systems Administrator
  • Adam Lerman, Application Support Analyst


  • Jinde Guo, Senior Managing Director, Investments
  • Nathan Newport, Investment Manager
  • Melissa Malan, Administrative Associate

Philanthropic Outreach

Planning and Evaluation

  • Stephen Fitzmier, Director, Planning and Evaluation
  • Christopher Strawbridge, Officer, Planning and Evaluation
  • Derek Leonard, Program Associate, Planning and Evaluation

Program Operations

  • Paul Mullin, Director, Program Operations
  • Christina Gentile-Paytas, Program Operations Coordinator
  • Rachel Goldbaum, Quality Assurance Administrator
  • Renee Watts, Operations Associate

Funding Timeline

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