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Jeff Everett

Jeff Everett, CFA is the co-founder of Tectonic Investors, an investment firm focused on investments in unprecedented changes occurring in energy transition, the circular economy, mobility, and infrastructure. Mr. Everett’s investment framework was shaped by working with Sir John Templeton for almost 20 years.

Prior to Tectonic Investors, Mr. Everett was a chief investment officer for Invesco Ltd. where he built and led a global equity investment team. He joined Invesco from Wells Capital Management, where he was managing partner and portfolio manager for the EverKey Global Equity team following WellsCap’s acquisition of EverKey Global Partners, an investment boutique founded by Mr. Everett in 2007. Prior to founding EverKey, Mr. Everett spent 19 years at Templeton Global Advisors, and served as president from 2001 through 2007 as global equity assets more than doubled to $145 billion in 2007. He began his investment industry career in 1987.

Mr. Everett has contributed commentary to numerous media outlets, including CNBC, Bloomberg, and PBS. Mr. Everett was also profiled in the book The Winner’s Circle as well as the subject of several articles in the financial press.

Mr. Everett is the past president of the Lyford Cay Foundation. He also serves on the executive committee of the John Templeton Foundation.