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Brian Crawford, CFA

Director, Investments

Mr. Brian Crawford is Director of Investments at the John Templeton Foundation. In his role, Brian oversees the Investment Team and all activity related to oversight and management of the Foundation’s investment portfolio. This includes portfolio management, asset allocation and investment selection.

Previously, Mr. Crawford was a partner at Colonial Consulting LLC (now Crewcial Partners). For more than 15 years Mr. Crawford served as Portfolio Manager for multiple foundation and endowment clients while also serving as Executive Director of Research, leading investment strategy and the team of analysts in the firm’s research efforts. Prior to his time at Crewcial Partners, Brian held several roles as an investment analyst and/or investment consultant at Bank of America, Asset Consulting Group and Arthur Andersen LLP.

Brian is a Chartered Financial Analyst Charterholder (CFA). Mr. Crawford received his Masters in Finance from Boston University and his B.A. in both Finance and Accounting from The University of Missouri.