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Human Sciences

What is Open Science? A Conversation with Nicholas Gibson, Director of Human Sciences

The John Templeton Foundation has become increasingly invested in open science over the last eight years and is now part of a broad coalition of funders and organizations that promote […]


Human Sciences December 12, 2021

Can We Train Our Brains to Be More Resilient?

Human Sciences December 12, 2021

The Secret of Happiness at the Top of a Bell Tower

Was Emerson right about the healing power of awe?  In our Study of the Day feature series, we highlight a research publication related to a John Templeton Foundation-supported project, connecting […]

Human Sciences December 3, 2021

Prayer, Relationships, and Health

Over the course of dozens of studies, Frank Fincham has compiled an impressive list of ways that prayer and forgiveness make a difference. Frank Fincham, who holds an endowed chair […]

Human Sciences December 3, 2021

Spirituality and Medicine

Scientists and medical practitioners are taking a fresh look at the ways that patients’ religious beliefs affect their healthcare needs. When we think of the frontiers where religion and science […]

Human Sciences December 3, 2021

Atheism and Unbelief

Towards a psychology and sociology of atheism and non-belief If the world’s estimated 1.1 billion atheists and non-believers were grouped together as their own “religion,” they would be the world’s […]

Human Sciences December 2, 2021

Did Religion Help the Rise of Civilizations in the Americas?

Religions and the Emergence of Civilizations in the Americas In our contemporary culture, it is often assumed that organized religion is a conservative force that impedes the development of human […]