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Why are human beings so drawn to the supernatural? Our popular culture is dominated by ghosts, aliens, witches, and the paranormal. But what is so attractive to us about these phenomena that transcend our reality?

In honor of Halloween, we’re spotlighting a recent video featuring existential psychologist Clay Routledge, whose work delves into the relationships between humans and the supernatural world.

According to Dr. Routledge, belief in the supernatural can function as an antidote to anxieties about our own mortality. Being open to supernatural possibilities provides hope and helps us make sense of a chaotic world. He says, “In a lot of ways, supernatural beliefs are a form of psychological medicine in that they help us deal with some of the difficulties in life, and our need to grapple with the big existential questions.”

Still Curious?

Learn more about “The Secret Religious Lives Of Atheists” funded by the John Templeton Foundation and led by Clay Routledge.