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What are the key challenges that exist in a free society? 

Dr. Emily Chamlee-Wright, president and CEO of the Institute for Humane Studies, recently sat down with us to discuss tensions within a free society, the four corners of liberalism, and challenges to the future of classical liberal thought. Dr. Chamlee-Wright leads a $2.25M John Templeton Foundation-funded project, which seeks to address three main questions:

  1. What is our understanding of equality and its importance in a free society?
  2. Can human flourishing advance while social and economic change undercut stability in the lives of those who do not benefit directly from dynamism?
  3. Can we maintain a commitment to open inquiry while preserving respectful exchange in a diverse world?

Watch the full video to hear more about these big questions related to equality, dynamism, and open inquiry, and learn why Dr. Chamlee-Wright believes that tensions in a free society are simply features rather than flaws.