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Investigating the fundamental laws and structures of nature through mathematics and physics.

For the funding current cycle (due date August 14, 2020), our Mathematical and Physical Sciences program is accepting Open Funding Inquiries regarding grants of less than $230,000 that would address the following goals (or a subset thereof) in creative ways.

(1) Advancing the conceptual frontiers of physics (currently we have a particular interest in theoretical and experimental work on many-body quantum systems);

(2)  Situating scientific research within a broader interdisciplinary inquiry into human thought and culture;

(3) Cultivating dynamic and demographically diverse collaborations involving multiple teams, disciplines, or institutions;

(4) Providing career continuity for young scholars (students, postdocs, and faculty members) whose physics-related research has been disrupted by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Featured Grants

Natural Sciences
Project Leader(s): David Charbonneau, David Latham
Grantee(s): President and Fellows of Harvard College
Natural Sciences
Project Leader(s): Sheperd Doeleman, Abraham Loeb
Grantee(s): Harvard University
Natural Sciences
Project Leader(s): Gerald Gabrielse,
Grantee(s): Northwestern University
Natural Sciences
Project Leader(s): Edward Hinds, Michael Tarbutt
Grantee(s): Imperial College London