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Cultivating Islamic perspectives on human flourishing for the present and coming age

In 2021, we are especially interested in funding inquiries that combine Islamic thought with relevant sciences in order to address global challenges that are shared across regions and cultures.

Examples of such challenges include public health issues, societal disruptions relating to climate change, understanding human rights and responsibilities in the digital age, and the effects of social polarization in governance and education.

Successful projects will summarize the problems and questions to be addressed, as well as the methods of Islamic scholarship and scientific research that will be employed.

Featured Grants

Philosophy and Theology
Project Leader(s): Faisal Ghias, Sana Syed
Grantee(s): The Oasis Initiative Foundation
Philosophy and Theology
Project Leader(s): Aref Nayed, Sohail Nakhooda
Grantee(s): Kalam Research & Media
Philosophy and Theology
Project Leader(s): Tim Winter
Grantee(s): Cambridge Muslim College
Philosophy and Theology
Project Leader(s): Ahmad Jadallah
Grantee(s): Phi Science Institute