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Exploring the impact of religion and spirituality on health outcomes and engaging religious and spiritual resources in health care contexts.

The intersection of health and religion or spirituality has been a focus of our work almost since the Foundation was created. Since the mid-2000s, our funding has covered at least six related but distinct themes: (1) research into the relationships between religion and health; (2) capacity-building through establishing academic centers; (3) training health professionals in religious and spiritual competencies; (4) studying medicine as a spiritual practice or calling; (5) testing religiously integrated health interventions; and (6) research into the impact of chaplains on health care.

Featured Grants

Project Leader(s): Jean Golding, Kate Northstone
Grantee(s): University of Bristol
Project Leader(s): Joseph Currier, Jesse Fox, Holly Oxhandler, Kenneth Pargament, Michelle Pearce, Edward Polson, Cassandra Vieten
Grantee(s): University of South Alabama
Project Leader(s): Christina Puchalski, George Fitchett, Betty Ferrell
Grantee(s): George Washington University