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Supporting research on the theory, understanding, and practice of intellectual humility. 

For the 2022 funding cycle, we are particularly interested in Online Funding Inquiries related to the etiology and developmental trajectory of intellectual humility in childhood and adolescence, especially within the broader context of the development of intellectual virtues. For more information, please click here [PDF].


This strategic priority is part of multiple funding areas, including Character Virtue Development, Philosophy & Theology, and Human Sciences. We  aim to extend recent efforts to improve empirical methods and measures of intellectual humility and to increase understanding of the nature, causes, and effects of this epistemological virtue. We will support a variety of activities, including Public Engagement, that aim ultimately to enhance, cultivate, and promote humility of this sort.

Our plans for this priority include, but are not limited to, support for the following activities:

  • Consolidating theoretical foundations. We will support efforts aimed at consolidating and otherwise improving our theoretical and empirical understanding of intellectual humility.
  • Investigating aids and impediments. We will fund research that aims to discover more about the factors that enhance and inhibit intellectual humility, as well as research that identifies practices and interventions that foster such humility.

Learn more in this Strategic Priority Q&A with Richard Bollinger, program officer in Character Virtue Development.

Featured Grants

Character Virtue Development
Project Leader(s): Peter Hill, June Tangney
Grantee(s): Biola Univesity
Philosophy and Theology
Project Leader(s): Duncan Pritchard, Emma Gordon
Grantee(s): University of Edinburgh (Eidyn Research Centre, Philosophy)
Philosophy and Theology
Project Leader(s): Nathan Ballantyne
Grantee(s): Fordham University, Philosophy Department
Philosophy and Theology
Project Leader(s): Michael Lynch, Brendan Kane
Grantee(s): University of Connecticut
Human Sciences
Project Leader(s): Kimberly Rios
Grantee(s): Ohio University
Human Sciences
Project Leader(s): Gordon Pennycook, David Rand
Grantee(s): University of Regina