Building Virtues through College Admissions: Developing Effective, Authentic Assessments that Positively Motivate Student Behavior

Richard Weissbourd • Harvard University • $350K • Learn More

Putting the Buddhism/Science Dialogue on a New Footing

William Waldron • Mangalam Research Center for Buddhist Languages • $217K • Learn more

Life in Numbers: Measuring Global Inequality and Other Enhancements to

Marian Tupy • Cato Institute • $217K • Learn more

Chance, Necessity, and the Origins of Life

Robert Hazen • Carnegie Institution for Science • $400K • Learn more

Expanding the Reach of the State Business Tax Climate Index to Promote Pro-Growth State Tax Policies

Joseph Henchman • Tax Foundation • $156K • Learn more

The Open Syllabus Project: Mapping the Intersections of Science, Philosophy, and Religion in Higher Education

Joe Karaganis • The American Assembly • $217K • Learn more

IBL nelle scuole

Alberto Mingard • Istituto Bruno Leoni • $150K • Learn More