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November Grant Features

What is Open Science? A Conversation with Nicholas Gibson, Director of Human Sciences 6 Continents, 22 Countries, 240,000 Voices: Creating an Unprecedented Window on How Humans Can Flourish and Change How ‘Policing for Profit’ Disproportionately Affects Poor and Minority Groups Over Gravity’s Rainbow Can We Train Our Brains to Be More Resilient?



Grantees in the News

Article Title Date Publication Grantee Mentioned
Cry Your Heart Out To Adele: Why Sad Girl Autumn Is The Best Time To Break Up November 26, 2021 Refinery29 Dacher Keltner, Psychologist at UC Berkeley
Giving thanks during a pandemic: ‘We learn to appreciate things when we lose them’ November 22, 2021 Yahoo!News Sonja Lyubomirsky, Psychologist at UC Riverside & Robert Emmons, Psychologist at UC Davis
‘Still in a purgatory.’ COVID numbers have risen in Mass. ahead of holidays and winter weather November 19, 2021 Boston Globe Samuel Scarpino, Managing Director of Pathogen Surveillance at The Rockefeller Foundation
Baylor And Harvard Team Up For Massive Global Study Of Human Flourishing November 4, 2021 Forbes Dr. Tyler VanderWeele, Professor of Epidemiology and Director of the Human Flourishing Program at Harvard & Byron Johnson, Professor of the Social Sciences and Director of the Institute for Studies of Religion at Baylor
How Technology Fuels the Worst Elements of Group Psychology November 3, 2021 Thrive Global Nicholas Christakis, Sociologist at Yale University


Research Publications

Article Title Date Publication Related Project Title
Spiritually integrated psychotherapies in real-world clinical practice: Synthesizing the literature to identify best practices and future research directions. November 29, 2021 Psychotherapy Mental Healthcare, Virtue, and Human Flourishing
The Peacock Fallacy: Art as a Veblenian Signal November 22, 2021 Frontiers in Psychology Visual Signs as Cognitive Tools: Phylogeny and Ontogeny
Causal Networks and Freedom of Choice in Bell’s Theorem November 3, 2021 PRX Quantum Causality in the quantum world: harnessing quantum effects in causal inference problems.
Stress and spirituality in relation to HPA axis gene methylation among US Black women: results from the Black Women’s Health Study and the Study on Stress, Spirituality and Health November 2, 2021 Epigenomics National Spirituality and Health Consortium
Hassle costs and workplace charitable giving: Field experiments with Google employees November 1, 2021 Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization The Initiative on Philanthropy and Decision-Making


Monthly Grant Reports are compiled using highlights from the past month and are not a comprehensive report on all grant activity. If you have feedback or suggestions for future content to feature, please reach out to us at communications@templeton.org.