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Recently Approved Grants

Philosophy & Theology

Project Title Grantee(s) Project Leader(s) Grant Amount
Kutter Callaway – ACT Fellowship Application Fuller Theological Seminary Kutter Callaway $70,686
Lina Jansson – ACT Fellowship Application University of Nottingham Lina Jansson $210,591
Knowledge and God Seattle Pacific University Matthew Benton $99,774
Science and Faith Transformational Teaching in Brazil TEACHBEYOND BRASIL Tiago Garros; Marcos dos Reis $208,623


Public Engagement

Project Title Grantee(s) Project Leader(s) Grant Amount
Helping the UK Church to Have a Positive Relationship with Science The Faraday Institute for Science and Religion Ruth Bancewicz $234,680
Optimistical: A World View from Science Trustees of Columbia University in the City of New York Stuart Firestein $115,712


Character Virtue Development

Project Title Grantee(s) Project Leader(s) Grant Amount
Using Intellectual Humility to Navigate Existential Challenges Hope College Daryl R. Van Tongeren $234,699
The Toolbox Project: A Randomized Controlled Trial Regents of the University of Michigan Ethan Kross; Angela Duckworth $1,500,000


Individual Freedom & Free Markets

Project Title Grantee(s) Project Leader(s) Grant Amount
Writers and Intellectuals Under Threat: Documenting Limits on Free Expression PEN American Center Inc. Karin Karlekar $233,766


Recently Featured Grants

What Counts As Religious Experience?


Grantees in the News

Article Title Date Publication Related Project Title
Ancient DNA tells the story of the first herders and farmers in east Africa May 30, 2019 ScienceDaily The Ancient DNA Atlas of Humanity
UMSL profs awarded $1M to explore medieval Islamic philosophy May 30, 2019 The St. Louis American The Christian West and Islamic East: Theology, Science, and Knowledge
Non-believers do not lack morality, research suggests May 28, 2019 The Daily Mail Understanding Unbelief
WSU researcher on Roundup exposure: ‘We should be concerned about our great-grandchildren’ May 17, 2019 K5 News Molecular Etiology of Epigenetic Transgenerational Inheritance of Disease
In Parenting, Love Wins May 7, 2019 Psychology Today Advancing Health, Religion, and Spirituality Research from Public Health to End of Life
Family fights drive evolutionary ‘arms race’ in seeds May 1, 2019 Futurity Cooperation, Purpose, and the Organism


Research Publications

Article Title Date Publication Related Project Title
The Grateful Don’t Cheat: Gratitude as a Fount of Virtue May 30, 2019 Psychological Science Gratitude as a Fount of Virtue: Examining How Gratitude Fosters Other Noble Character Traits
Ancient DNA reveals a multistep spread of the first herders into sub-Saharan Africa  May 30, 2019  Science The Ancient DNA Atlas of Humanity
Human Flourishing in Cross Cultural Settings. Evidence From the United States, China, Sri Lanka, Cambodia, and Mexico  May 29, 2019  Frontiers in Psychology Advancing Health, Religion, and Spirituality Research from Public Health to End of Life
The proximal experience of awe  May 23, 2019 PLoS ONE How can people become lastingly more humble? Development of a long-term humility-boosting program
Identity fusion, outgroup relations, and sacrifice: A cross-cultural test  May 11, 2019 Cognition The Emergence of Prosocial Religions: How Cultural Evolution Favored Beliefs and Rituals that Galvanize Large-scale Cooperation
High Precision Test of the Pauli Exclusion Principle for Electrons  May 2, 2019 Condensed Matter Hunt for the “impossible atoms”: the quest for a tiny violation of the Pauli Exclusion Principle. Implications for physics, cosmology and philosophy.
Morphological traits can track coral reef responses to the Anthropocene May 2, 2019 Functional Ecology Putting the Extended Evolutionary Synthesis to the Test
Responsibility for Forgetting  May 1, 2019 Philosophical Studies Summer Seminars in Neuroscience and Philosophy (SSNAP)