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Dear Reader,

Welcome to the world of Templeton Ideas. You may notice that we’re doing something a little new. Today we’re unveiling a new home for the stories of the John Templeton Foundation.

This is where you’ll find pieces that explain and explore the research we fund that is inspiring people with awe and wonder.

We’ll dive deeply into everything from the science of free will and the theory of “rainbow gravity” to explorations of what ancient societies have to teach us about the indelible aspects of human nature.

Our aim, and our hope, is to be a home for conversations that empower people to create lives of purpose and meaning.

Helping us along the way will be our remarkable grantees, our staff, and contributing writers and thinkers from around the world.

We don’t propose to offer final answers, but to ask questions, and to showcase the multiplicity of perspectives that can shed light on the deepest concerns of the human condition.

Or as it was put by Sir John Templeton, whose vision keeps us inspired:

“The journey of life sometimes seems filled with questions. How many times have you asked, ‘What is my life really all about?’ or, ‘Why am I here?’ or, ‘What should I do with my life?’ or, ‘How can I find meaning and direction?’ Have you heard others ask the same or similar questions? Most people want to know that there is a real meaning and purpose to life. We like to feel that our being present on Earth matters. How can we answer these deeply meaningful questions?”

Let’s look for answers together. We hope you will come along – and enjoy.

Stay curious.

Ben Carlson
Director of Strategic Communication