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We’re thrilled to introduce the Templeton Ideas Podcast – a show about the most awe-inspiring ideas in our world and the people who investigate them.

Every other Thursday, tune in for conversations with inspiring thinkers – such as Dacher Keltner and Gretchen Rubin – and join hosts Thomas Burnett and Abby Ponticello in exploring how their work has transformed their lives.

Meet the Hosts

Thomas Burnett

Tom has one foot steeped in research, one foot in journalism, and a head swirling with ideas about how to bring the two together. His heroes include Baruch Spinoza, Blaise Pascal, and Alexander von Humboldt. Tom takes special delight in moral philosophy, evolutionary biology, and the history of science. He is passionate about riding bikes, reading books, planting trees, and the performing arts.

Abby Ponticello

Abby brings the Foundation’s stories to life in the digital world. As a longstanding podcast fanatic, she is thrilled to finally find herself behind the mic. Abby especially enjoys learning about social psychology, neuroscience, and entrepreneurship. She is regularly awe-inspired by beautiful running trails, ’70s rock, and her dog, Leo.

In Season One, we probe the boundaries of the universe with astrophysicist Jennifer Wiseman, learn how to actively cultivate awe with psychologist Dacher Keltner, and discover the surprising psychological benefits of religious rituals with psychologist David DeSteno. Our series of eight conversations will take listeners on a journey through wide-ranging topics, including the philosophy of mind,  psychology, medicine, and more.

If you’re interested in conversations about purpose, meaning, and life’s pivotal moments – you’ve come to the right place.

Join us on Templeton Ideas every other Thursday for a journey through the wide world of ideas.

See all podcast episodes.