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"The Loser Letters" Onstage Project will bring Mary Eberstadt's 2010 best-selling book to the stage, and in doing so will provide a platform to engage college students and young adults in some of the great debates over the existence of God, free will, morality, history, and more.

"The Loser Letters" tells the story of a twenty-something young woman who writes letters to leading atheists from rehab. The play provides an opportunity for viewers to see firsthand the formation of a conscience and a turn to a life of virtue. At present there is a great need, particularly on campuses, for projects that engage this target audience in an interactive medium. This play and its related activities (discussion groups, lectures, etc.) will serve as an alternative to the many campus activities, particularly in the performing arts, that promote moral relativism.

Support from the John Templeton Foundation will allow for the play to receive its world premiere at The Catholic University of America during the fall of 2016.

Following the premiere at CUA, the production will be ready for a national tour. All scenery, stage properties and costumes will be designed to travel easily, and all aspects of production will allow touring to be affordable to host colleges and universities. The initial goal is to book "The Loser Letters" to many Christian colleges as part of their performing arts series, and to do so in a manner that is economically self-sustaining. Once the production builds a history of performance at those Christian colleges, the bookings can be expanded to a wider range of colleges and universities, and to churches. The premiere at CUA will create that tour-ready production.