Logic deals with human mind and creativity in an analytic manner whereas computer science/ artificial intelligence provides synthetic approaches by attempting to simulate them. The aim of this project is to achieve a connection between these two opposite approaches by offering an opportunity to many participating, in particular, young scientists from various fields to create interactive projects. To this end, the Kurt Goedel Society is organizing the largest conference in history of logic and computer science in conjunction with The Young Logicians’ Fellowship Prize Competition in which three young scientists in the three disciplines of the logical foundations of mathematics, logical foundations of computer science and logical foundations of artificial intelligence will be awarded fellowship prizes in the amount of EUR 100,000. The fellowship prizes will be awarded in an open, international competition by a jury of internationally renowned scientists.In order to utilize the synergies resulting in an unprecedented high number of interdisciplinary participants (2,500), the foundational fellowship prize competition will be connected with fifteen cutting-edge technical competitions in various fields of computer science.