In the 21st century, economic prosperity and a free market require an open and free Internet. Recent events enveloping the Middle East show the power of the internet for political, economic and spiritual evolution and the forces that are trying to control it-forces that hinder the free flow of information into, out of and within nations, damaging capacity for economic growth and the prosperity of the individual citizen. Access's Digital Freedom Project aims to build a world where everyone can actively participate in, contribute to and share an open Internet that promotes free expression, free markets and economic entrepreneurship. Our project's approach has two elements: 1) the competitive development of technology that helps individual citizens access the internet, and 2) the execution of a series of education and advocacy campaigns to inform and empower individual citizens and challenge and encourage corporations to work and compete toward citizen-centered policies and practices. These activities aim to develop and propagate industry-leading technologies to combat censorship, establish multilingual education materials that push users to become vocal advocates for, and defenders of, an open and free internet for themselves and others and encourages corporations to actively contribute to the protection of a safe, open and secure digital sphere. The next two years represent a defining moment for the internet. This project seeks to ensure that no individual, business, marketplace or society is cut off from channels of information and reach that an open internet provides. This project will ensure that citizens worldwide have unrestricted access to the ideas, support and open market that will foster political stability and economic growth. The Digital Freedom Project is a discrete component of Access's work, focusing on new technology and citizen education and empowerment, while engaging the corporations who power the platforms and networks we all depend upon.