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The Science and the Big Questions Aggregator Website (S&BQ) is a powerful digital resource packaged in a modern, compelling design. It’s an engaging destination, boasting a user-friendly array of timely and accessible content; it’s an invaluable tool, allowing visitors to find topics of interest and sort through a variety of topics, categories, and academic disciplines; and it’s a respected authority, leveraging the credibility of the Science Sites brand and the value provided by the comprehensive repository of science and big question (SABQ) related content it now houses. S&BQ has garnered admiration and praise from high-profile academic researchers and members of the general public alike.
We propose to dramatically improve the aggregator website and sharpen its impact in three major ways:
1) We will apply our unique editorial resources to curate and post essential SABQ-related material daily, aggregating from an expanding variety of scientifically reliable sources. We will add hundreds of articles, audio, video and event-related items to increase the breadth and depth of S&BQ’s already substantive content offering.
2) We will execute monthly topical promotional campaigns, each focusing on a particular Big Question research area and its related media outputs, to encourage public engagement with timely and significant SABQ themes and to call attention to the important work being done within these areas.
3) We will take the look-and-feel of the website to the next level by integrating high-resolution imagery throughout S&BQ, enhancing its cutting-edge aesthetic and rich appeal, while visually empowering the editorial campaigns.
The result will be a powerful new promotional vehicle, able to highlight—in editorially creative and visually compelling ways—the aggregated content on the site and, by extension, the research itself.
We will also develop a strategic social media plan in order to increase awareness of the site and expand its influence moving forward.