Gordon College proposes to partner with the John Templeton Foundation to honor the pioneering work of Dr. Robert Herrmann who addressed, throughout his distinguished career, the “Big Questions” constellated around the theme of science and religion. We propose an annual three-day lecture series that would enable a world-class thinker to develop an in- depth original perspective on a topic or issue on the threshold between science and religion. Three lectures over three days would elevate this lectureship from an isolated event to an annual gathering where the scattered individuals and small groups in Boston, New England, and beyond would have an opportunity to enjoy hearing an outstanding lecture series while networking with colleagues and friends. Depending on the quality of the remarks from respondents to the lecture, we hope to include them as part of a publication. Since Boston is a global academic center and home to influential thinkers in both the sciences and religion, the lectureship can influence a broad audience.